fre:ac是FREe Audio Converter的缩写,是一款小巧音乐格式转换工具,它的主要功能就是把音频文件转换为其他格式的音频文件,其中支持的格式包括:MP3、MP4、M4A、WMA、Ogg Vorbis、FLAC、AAC、WAV等格式。除了转换功能外还支持CD音乐的抓取,可以完整的抓去CD音乐为MP3等格式。


fre:ac version 1.1a (December 2018) has been released:

This release adds a Notifier extension that can play a sound or display a message when a conversion is finished which was an often requested feature.

Other changes in this release are:

Improved tagging support

Read/write ID3v2 from/to .wav files

Read cue sheets embedded in ID3v2 tags

Improved freaccmd command line interface

Select options can now be specified ignoring case (e.g. VBR and vbr are now interchangeable)

Fixes for arguments parsing on non-Windows systems

Other improvements

Added option to switch stereo channels in Channel Converter DSP

Added support for accent colors on macOS Mojave

Greatly improved UI looks and behavior on Haiku

Respect GDK_SCALE environment variable on X11 systems

Extension component names are now translatable

Various bug fixes

Fixed crash when using the channel converter to convert mono to stereo

Fixed output file writing when using FAAC in SuperFast mode

Fixed encoding mono MP3s with LAME

Fixed issues writing MP4 files when pattern is used

Improved performance when reading large MP4/M4A files


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