TeamViewer – 远程支持、远程访问、在线协作和会议。TeamViewer是一个能在任何防火墙和NAT代理的后台用于穿透内网远程控制软件,用于实现远程支持、远程访问、远程管理、家庭办公及在线协作和会议。最佳远程控制软件TeamViewer 14.0 版本之后专为Windows10系统打造,能够与Win10的特性完美契合,经优化后占用的带宽更低,图像渲染效率更高,文件传输速度提升15倍,数据使用率减小30%。


Change Log:

Full compatibility with the latest Windows 10 version (0319) and Windows Server 2019

TeamViewer Pilot - You can now add text to arrows and free-hand drawings

TeamViewer Pilot - Improved image quality for connections to iPhones/iPads

Fixed a bug that prevented file transfer connections to TeamViewer 6 and previous

Fixed a bug that prevented the correct closing of connections to TeamViewer 6 and previous versions

Fixed a bug that prevented the correct availability of the TeamViewer Server ID on Windows Server 2019 systems

Fixed a bug that caused increased use of memory during connections to Android devices and TeamViewer eventually crashing as a result of this

Fixed a bug that resulted in a missing button "overwrite all" in the file transfer window.

Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when deleting a file/folder in the file transfer window

Fixed a crash that could occur when the remote system and the TeamViewer connection was running on 8-bit color depth mode

Fixed a bug that caused the video of meeting participants not to be recorded under certain circumstances when recording the meeting

Solved some other issues which caused crashes

Minor improvements and fixes


TeamViewer 官方完整安装版和绿色便携版的区别:




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