Universal Extractor MOD是一个可以从任何类型的存档文件中提取文件的程序,无论是简单的 ZIP 文件、安装程序(如 Wise 或 NSIS),还是 Windows 安装程序 (.msi) 包。

该应用程序并不打算成为一个一般用途的归档程序,它绝不会代替 WinRAR,7-Zip 等。Universal Extractor MOD所做的只是允许你从几乎任何类型的存档中提取文件,而不必考虑其来源和压缩方法等。这一项目背后的原始动机是提供一个简单方便的途径以从安装包(例如 Inno Setup 或 Windows Installer 包)中提取文件,而无需每次使用命令行。





Changelog for 2.0.0 RC3 Mod by Bioruebe

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Added support for MSCF installers

Added support for Amiga Disk Files using unADF

Added support for PDF files using Xpdf command line tools

Added support for hundreds of game archives using GARbro

Improved speed of file type detection

Fixed some installers being misdetected as InstallShield

Fixed swf exe extraction not terminating correctly

Fixed console window always being visible for extractions using definition files

Fixed file identification not working correctly for a few big executables

Fixed Wise extraction methods 3 and 4 always failing

Fixed some executables not being tested with 7zip

Fixed some FMOD sound banks not being fully extracted, thanks to Sakkade

Fixed 'NScripter archive' false positives

Fixed SQLite extraction

Changed Wise extraction: E_WISE is now used automatically, the method select dialog only appears if it fails

Changed output directory input field to autofill after typing an input file path

Changed design of 'Unknown file type' error dialog, feedback prompt, FFmpeg prompt

Updated EnigmaVB unpacker to 0.56

Updated ExeInfo PE to

Updated jsMSIx to

Updated MediaInfo to 19.04

Updated PeaZip to 0.65

Updated QuickBMS to 1.9.2

Updated SQLite to 3.38.0

Updated UnRAR to 5.71; added x64 version

Updated unrpa to 1.6

Updated upx to 3.95w

Updated WiX to 3.11.1

Removed Crass/Crage, replaced with GARbro

Removed XAce, replaced with acefile


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