- google album artwork search updated to handle changes made by google

- fixes a bug with MTP device synchronisation for the "playlists with own folder" setting

- fix for importing podcasts that cant be matched to an existing subscription

- tag editor panel stays locked when saving using the "Edit: Save" hotkey

- snap feature for Windows 10 was leaving a 7px gap with the edge of the screen

- podcast naming template for device synchronisation now supported

- exit from MusicBee was triggering dsp_iZOzoneFree to crash

- auto-dj error message when de-selecting a library source

- when the artwork storage preference is set to a file naming template, a number of auto-tag functions that download artwork were not setting the picture filename

- invalid filename char mapping now supports null replacement (as opposed to replacing with a space)

- when the left sidebar is configured to auto-hide, the popup panel now includes a pin icon so it can be permanently displayed.

- changing fields/ order or sorting in the Tools/ Tagging "other files to edit..." panel was also changing the fields in the Track Details view for the main panel

- configurations for each of the filters in the Tools/ Tagging "other files to edit..." panel is now preserved on restart

- album covers panel with tracks displayed at the bottom of the panel: incorrect prompt when deleting files from a playlist and not maintaining the panel state when refreshed

- artwork not always refreshed in the Album Covers & Album and Tracks view when updated externally to MB and rescanned in MB

- improved "Album Color Mix" view for the Now Playing panel

- Album Picture Only view in the compact player has been improved when displayed in a wide layout, plus a couple of layout bugs fixed

- Album Covers expanded panel now sorts tracks by title if no disc/track number is tagged

- force restart with certain menu/ tab configuration setting combinations with unskinned window borders

- enhanced Music Explorer so you can now browse and filter by artist/ genre/ year etc, and enhance text search within the new panel

- "resume playback" setting in the Player preferences now restarts a radio stream

- tweaks to the transparency of the right sidebar when overlayed on the feature picture in the Now Playing panel

- and various other minor bugs












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