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DATE: 2019-03-28

BUILD: 2206

This is a cumulative patch file to fix the bugs of EditPlus 5.1.

Copyright ? 1998-2019 ES-Computing





- Fixes an issue where 'Sort' command was missing in the function list.

- Fixes an issue where 'Sort' command didn't work correctly in the cliptext list.

- Fixes an issue in the previous patch where right side bar always appears on startup if it has any tabs.

- Fixes an issue in the previous patch where function list didn't work correctly in sort mode.

- Fixes an issue where the directory window couldn't show the file filter list correctly.

- Fixes an issue where function list could be empty when closing inactive document from the tabs.

- Adds 'Sort all open files' option in the Sort dialog box.

- Fixes an issue where 'Sync Directory' menu option could cause program crash in remote files.

- Adds 'Join Lines with Spaces' menu command ('Edit'->'Format')

- Fixes an issue where Abort button didn't work correctly when uploading multiple files.

- Directory window supports 'Add to Favorites' menu in the right moues button.

- Fixes an issue where 'More' button in the Find dialog box could display wrong window size.

- Fixes an issue where file list in directory window could be unsorted in some drives.

- Fixes an issue where 'Transfer type' option in the Upload dialog box didn't work correctly.

- Fixes an issue where selecting a deleted remote file from recent file list could cause program crash.

- Fixes an issue where saving changes didn't work correctly when closing remote files.

- Fixes an issue where 'View'->'Column Markers' menu option didn't retain the value between sessions.

- Adds 'Insert matching tag automatically when typing >' option ('Preferences'->'General').

- Fixes an issue in the previous patch where the program could not be shown correctly on secondary monitor.

- Fixes an issue where Function List could cause memory leak.

- Fixes an issue in the previous patch where Function List could not be shown at launch.

- Fixes an issue where FTP transfer could disable keyboard and mouse input in the program window.

- Fixes an issue where 'Cancel' button in the FTP transfer dialog box didn't work correctly.

- Fixes an issue where 'View in Browser' command on remote files could make the program unresponsive.

- Fixes an issue where #AUTOCASE statement in syntax file didn't work correctly in some cases.

- Fixes an issue where cliptext item could be inserted with wrong indentations in some cases.

- Tile Vertically/Horizontally command now does not minimize other windows.

- Fixes an issue where 'Ansi to HTML Entities' command didn't work when 'Whole word only' find option was turned on.

- Fixes an issue where Code Folding feature could cause program crash.


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