What's new in version 19.12.25:

New: Language: Added Hungarian (Translation by Lajos Nagyvati aka LaMoLa)

New: Viewer: Support of the Keyboard Multimedia keys (Play, Pause, Stop, Previous track and Next Track)

New: Navigation Lists: Support of the Backward and Forward buttons of mouses

New: Navigation Lists: A button with a funnel icon is now displayed on the CrumbBar when the list is filtered

New: Command line: Possibility to start FileVoyager with left and right folder passed in the command line (FileVoyager.exe -FVLeft "pathtoleftfolder" FVRight "pathtorighfolder")

New: Diff: Possibility to use an external Diff tool

New: Diff: Possibility to define custom colors for internal Diff tool highlighting

New: Diff: Possibility to choose whether to show or not thumbnails in the infotips

New: Diff: In the folder comparison, it's now possible to show only the different item, hiding the unchanged ones

New: Diff: In the file comparison, it's now possible to jump from diff to diff. In previous versions of FV, the button were present but no code behind them

New: Navigation Trees: Treeview now show the overlays on icons

~ Chg: Filter: Added a button to reset the form fields

~ Chg: MainForm: Added the Splitter menu in the Ribbon (View\[Customize Pane]\Splitter) and the Classic menu (View\Splitter)

~ Chg: MainForm: The classic menu, if used, is now dockable to any side of the MainForm

~ Chg: Navigation Lists: In the 'Attributes' column, the property FILE_ATTRIBUTE_RECALL_ON_DATA_ACCESS is now shown as 'M' instead of 'R'

Fix: AboutBox: The links to websites of the credits were opening inside the AboutBox. Now they open in the default browser

Fix: Diff: In the folder comparison, it was impossible to collapse a node if a child was focused

Fix: Check for updates: The functionality was broken









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