FastStone Capture - 最好的截图软件,堪称截图神器!FSCapture,集捕捉图像、编辑图像、视频录制功能于一身,小巧强大,使用方便,各种设置,使截图有了超越其本身的创造性,不但具有屏幕截图功能,还可以从扫描器获取图像,将图像转换为 PDF 文档,特别是其屏幕录像功能,质量堪比专业屏幕录像软件。

FastStone Capture 是一款体积小巧、功能强大、简单易用的屏幕捕捉工[文]具,集屏幕截图、图像编辑、视频录制功能于一身。[章]它可以捕捉屏幕上的任何区域,提供多种捕获方式([来]如:活动窗口、指定窗口/对象、矩形区域、手绘区[自]域、整个屏幕、滚动窗口等),还附带屏幕录像机、[漫]放大镜、取色器、标尺等辅助功能。

支持 BMP、JPG、JPEG、GIF、PNG、TI[步]FF、WMF、ICO、TGA 和 PDF 等文件格式,其独有的光滑和毛刺处理技术让图片更[白]加清晰,提供缩放、旋转、减切、颜色调整功能。其[月]方便的浮动工具条和便捷的快捷键堪称完美结合,截[光]图后的保存选项也特别丰富和方便,同时支持图片转[ ]换为PDF文件,以满足各种需要。




Version 9.4 (August 21, 2020)

Added OneNote as an output option

Added 3 options to Editor tab of Settings:

"Set default tool in Draw"

"Highlight active tab"

"Use workspaces to group tabs". This option allows you to organize and group captured images (tabs) in multiple workspaces. Each workspace remembers its last-used folder and works like a separate instance of FastStone Editor

Added "Stay on Screen" and "Minimize to System Tray" options to "Run when Windows starts"

Added "Send to New Tab" (Alt+C) to duplicate the current tab as a new tab

Added a count down text box to "Delay before Capture"

Added Apply button to Settings window

Added 2 icons (left/right clicks) to "Insert Mouse Pointer" in Draw tool

Enhanced "Save As" and "Open" dialogs:

Added "Hold Alt key to peek behind this window" option to "Save As" dialog


Size and position are kept for next use

Added "Delay before showing" option (click [...] in Toolbar tab of Settings) for the hidden toolbar

Added preview option to "Spotlight" effect

Added a right-click menu to "Capture Fixed-Size Region"

Added Contrast and Gamma auto-adjustment to "Acquire Images from Scanner". Enhanced the De-skew algorithm

Added tips for the toolbar buttons of FastStone Editor

In Draw tool, press Tab/Shift+Tab to cycle through drawing tools

Enhanced "Screen Color Picker". After picking a screen color, click the "New" color box to fine tune the color

Enhanced Print dialog. Now you can:

Print multiple images in batch mode

Print file name in the header area

Enhanced Edge/Watermark. Watermark image is resizable

Enhanced "Make Background Transparent" (Ctrl+T) by adding 3 options: Preview, Tolerance and Anti-aliased

Enhanced "Fill with Color" in Draw tool by adding 2 options: Tolerance and Transparent Fill

Optimized loading speed of Draw tool. Now it re-opens much faster

Many other minor improvements and bug fixes


感谢 飞扬时空 

by 飞扬时空:本版本基于官方英文原[w]版汉化,集成注册信息和中文帮助文件,并对相关参[w]数进行优化设置,力争做到更新及时、汉化彻底、使[.]用方便。无壳带个人信息!


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