系统安装利器 WinNTSetup v4.0.1 正式版


WinNTSetup 4.0.1

- Added Dark Theme support

- Added multicore appling of WIM

- Added wimlib 1.13.1

- Added bottice

- Added Disable Reserved Storage tweak

- Added WIM Capture option

- Added apply mode Wimboot:WIMCOPY

- Added Hotfix uninstall option

- Added Driver Export/Import option

- Added LegacyBootMenu checkbox

- Added exclude section to Tools\Win10Builds.ini

- fixed wimlib apply alters WimBootCompress.ini

- Fixed Hotfix Uninstall on light mode theme

- Boot code UEFI will be selected as default in case of EFI system partition

- WOF decompression of \Bootmgr, \EFI\boot\boot*.efi, \EFI\MICROSOFT\BOOT\BOOTMGFW.EFI

- WOF decompression of \Boot\BCD, \EFI\microsoft\boot\BCD

- Does not delete MountedDevices key for non sysprep images

- Allow creation of expandable VHD with any size

- Non fitting expandable VHDs will stop from auto expanding on boot

- Workaround wimgapi "PrepopulateList" bug


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