Sublime Text – 性感的代码编辑器、程序员之必备神器!
Sublime Text 是个代码编辑器,也是HTML和散文先进的文本编辑器。Sublime Text 具有漂亮的用户界面和强大的功能,例如代码缩略图,Python的插件,代码段等。还可自定义键绑定,菜单和工具栏。Sublime Text 的主要功能包括:拼写检查,书签,完整的 Python API , Goto 功能,即时项目切换,多选择,多窗口等等。Sublime Text 是一个跨平台的编辑器,同时支持Windows、Linux、Mac OS X等操作系统。


* Auto Complete: Ranking quality improvements;

* Auto Complete: Added auto_complete_use_history setting to control if previous choices are automatically selected;

* Added additional settings to control the status bar: show_sidebar_button, show_indentation and show_syntax;

* Added relative line numbers, controlled by the relative_line_numbers setting;

* Color Schemes: Added support for the underline font style;

* Color Schemes: Added new property, inactive_selection_border;

* Added setting hide_pointer_while_typing;

* Console now uses Python syntax highlighting by default;

* Windows, Linux: Added Shift+F10 key binding to open the context menu;

* Fixed folder dragging in the sidebar;

* Further improvements in layout preservation when programmatically editing preferences;

* API: View.add_regions() calls that add an underline now have that underline applied to whitespace characters;

* API: Added sublime.INHIBIT_REORDER;

* API: Window.new_html_sheet() now accepts the sublime.ADD_TO_SELECTION flag;

* API: Window.new_html_sheet() no longer accepts cmd and args parameters;

* API: Fixed a regression in View.split_by_newlines();


- 去自动检测升级提示
- 整合GBK插件支持简体中文整合多款主题及细节优化
- 整合Git、DocBlockr、MarkdownPreview、ColorPicker、AllAutocomplete等插件
- 可选添加/删除右键菜单项

按快捷键Ctrl+Shift+P,输入 install 并回车,选择相应插件安装即可。
或者依次点击“首选项 – 插件控制 – Install Package”进行插件安装。


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