BluffTitler用于创建漂亮的3D文本效果和用于视频编辑的简单动画的程序。结果可以实时查看,然后导出为图片或视频格式。所有创建的动画都包含可以独立修改的图层。BluffTitler支持大量不同类型的图层:相机,光线,文本,图像,视频,等离子,粒子,音频等。图层可以链接在一起以创建特殊效果。该程序可与以下软件包一起使用:Pinnacle Studio,Sony Vegas,友立会声会影,MAGIX视频deLuxe,Canopus Edius和Adobe Premiere。



Changes since version:

10 updated translations: Suomi, Francais, Turkce, Magyar, Tamil, Arabic, Svenska, Chinese(Simplified), Italiano and Arabic

12 new effects: Text/3Colours, Picture/Plane2Pyramid, Special/Inflate, Special/NormalMapper, Special/Octopus, Special/ClipAdditive, Special/UVModifierAdditive, Special/JigsawPuzzle3D, Special/Interiormap, Picture/ExtrudePicture, System/ViewShadowmap & Filters/JigsawPuzzle

The textures generated by the colourmap and cubemap layers as well as the shadow maps are rendered in the top right when choosing SETTINGS > Render info

24 new title templates in the Titles folder

All installer templates are now FHD 1920 x 1080

When you have installed FFmpeg, BluffTitler now exports as WebM, WMV and Animated GIF. MP4 export in 4K is no longer a problem. Learn more

When you have installed the K-Lite Codec Pack, BluffTitler now plays WebM videos and all other formats supported by the LAV Video Decoder. Learn more

New pageflipper templates in the Picture folder (using the updated Picture/DoubleSided effect)

Existing container layers can now be attached to existing sketch layers

The samples per pixel(SPP) is now printed in title bar between []. This determines the antialiasing quality and can be adjusted with the SETTINGS > Low, Normal, High and Super high menu items.

3 new styles in the light layer: Projected shadows on wall, Shadow maps, Directional light

3 new properties in the light layer: Direction, Shadow map bias, Shadow softness

1 new property in the particle layer: Min distance

2 new styles in the cubemap layer: Custom and Reflect water

2 new styles in the text layer: Stroked sharp and Inflated

3 new styles in the model layer: 3D in background, 3D in 3D space & 3D in foreground

2 new styles in the sketch layer: Gear & Hexagram

2 new styles in the mirror layer: Rectangle & EPS. Click on the Change EPS... button to select an EPS file.

Bevel size is automatically limited to prevent intersections and distortion

New quality mode: choose SETTINGS > Super high quality

Emoji 11.0 Learn more

Memory use reduced

Optimization: loading big models is a lot faster

Optimization: stroked text styles are generated a lot faster

F2 info extended.

Folder icons with show thumbnails

Natural sort in file dialog

Water layer is now double sided

Characters property of EPS layer is now 2D. The 2nd slider controls the number of lines.

Option to use fog colour as background colour in FILE > Set background colour... dialog

Pixel media: new textures, new shows and a new model

Show duration is no longer rounded off to whole seconds. You can now, for example, enter 2.5 in the FILE > Set show duration... dialog

The following 5 effects are now double sided: Picture/Plane2Pyramid, Picture/Plane2Cylinder, Picture/Plane2Donut, Picture/Plane2Roll & Picture/Plane2Sphere

Special/UVMapper and UVMapperAdditive now support transparent textures and colourmap factor in all planarmapping modes

1 old effect converted: V11_ReflectiveWater_CubemapDDS

1 new option: Max texture resolution Learn more

Redesigned effect thumbnails

Restyled Bix

Bugfix: The render window can now be maximized with all aspect ratios

Bugfix: Volume shadows can now handle planes parallel to the light direction

Bugfix: The file dialog can now handle super big thumbnails

Bugfix: When loading a show containing a colourmap layer into an existing colourmap layer (<Control> M), the colourmaps are now correctly linked.

Bugfix: Pre-export simulation time now works with particles attached to a picture layer

Bugfix: mirror, colourmap and cubemap layers can now be saved as a preset

Bugfix: transparent stereo rendering now works as expected

Bugfix: Russian translation fixed!













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