KeePass是一个方便的密码管理器。将密码或其他机密数据存储在受到良好保护的数据库中,同时允许它们将它们分组。如有必要,使用KeePass打印数据库,将其导出为其他格式(TXT,HTML,XML,CSV,...),导入其他格式(TXT文件Password Safe v2,CSV文件......),打开并在网页上快速插入用户名/密码,搜索数据库,创建密码密码并执行许多其他操作。支持插件功能。


New Features:

Added main menu items 'Group', 'Entry' and 'Find', which contain all commands related to groups and entries (supersets of context menus); removed 'Edit' main menu item, because all of its commands are included in the three new main menu items.

Added support for a system-wide hot key to auto-type only the password of a matching entry; by default, the hot key is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A, changeable in the options dialog.

When double-clicking the URL cell of an entry in the main entry list while holding down the Shift key, KeePass now copies the URL to the clipboard (a double-click without Shift continues to open the URL; the option 'Copy URLs to clipboard instead of opening them' reverses this behavior).

Added quick edit commands 'Expires: Now' and 'Expires: Never'.

There now are two commands for copying a whole entry to the clipboard: 'Copy Entry (Encrypted)' and 'Copy Entry (Unencrypted)'; the first one encrypts the data for the current user using the Windows DPAPI.

Added Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut for printing the currently selected group.

The creation time and the last modification time of an entry are now displayed on the 'History' tab of the entry editing dialog.

Added support for importing Steganos Password Manager 20 CSV files.

Added support for importing Bitwarden 1.12 JSON files.

Mozilla Bookmarks JSON import: added support for importing tags (new format, in addition to the old format) and keywords.

Enhanced the Enpass import module to support TXT files created by version 6.0.4.

The language selection dialog now also lists KeePass 1.x LNG files; when trying to select such a file, an informative error message is displayed.

Added 'Cancel' command in the context menu of KeePass' system tray icon, which can be used to abort opening and saving a database file.

Added '-cancel' command line option, which causes all other KeePass instances to cancel opening/saving a database file.

Added '-auto-type-password' command line option (other running KeePass instances auto-type only the password of a matching entry).

Added '-e1:' command line parameter, which works like '-e:', but is handled by only one other instance; '-e:' is handled by all other instances.

When compiling a PLGX plugin, KeePass now defines a 'KP_V_*_*_*' symbol, where the asterisks specify the KeePass version (for example, 'KP_V_2_42_0' for version 2.42).

Added workarounds for .NET Caps Lock warning tooltip bug.

Added workaround for Mono grid view default color bug.

Added workaround for OneDrive bug on Windows 1809.


Auto-Type: improved sending of characters that are realized with the AltGr key.

Auto-Type: improved compatibility with VirtualBox 6 and VMware Player.

Improved user interface behavior while opening a database file.

Accelerator key improvements.

Replaced 4 and 8 weeks expiry date search commands by 1 and 2 months (taking the number of days in the months into account).

Improved hot key controls (better key combination handling and display).

The hot key controls in the options dialog now support entering hot keys that are already registered by KeePass.

Improved field to standard field mapping function.

Improved new-line handling of several import modules.

When a file import fails, KeePass now shows a more detailed error message.

After changing the color of an entry using a quick edit command, the entries are deselected now, such that the new color is visible immediately.

Moved 'Print Emergency Sheet' command into 'File' → 'Print'.

The pattern-based password generator now supports repeating escaped characters using '{...}'.

The pattern-based password generator now refuses to generate a password if the pattern is (partially) invalid.

Turning off the 'Unhide Passwords' policy now enforces hiding passwords in a few more places/situations.

New-line characters at the end of the output of a {CMD:...} placeholder are now removed (analogous to $(...) and `...` shell command substitutions).

The {URL:SCM} and {BASE:SCM} placeholders now work with arbitrary data having a ':'-terminated prefix.

Improved {URL:RMVSCM} and {BASE:RMVSCM} placeholders ('//' authority prefix is removed, but not '/').

The '-entry-url-open' command line option is now handled by all other KeePass instances (instead of only one).

Path traversal with attachment names is not possible anymore.

Removed the option 'Show tray icon only if main window has been sent to tray' from the options dialog (due to possible denial-of-service problems); if you want to hide the icon, it is recommended to configure this in the system settings instead.

Improved reading of KDBX XML documents with unknown elements.

Improved JSON parser.

Various UI text improvements.

Various code optimizations.

Minor other improvements.


Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to import certain Mozilla Bookmarks JSON files.

Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to import certain files with very deeply nested groups.

Fixed handling of paths with folder/file names containing quotes (which can occur on Unix-like systems only).


- 使用AES和Twofish算法加密您自己的数据库。

- 内置密码生成器。

- 使用主密码,密钥文件和/或用户帐户锁定数据库。

- 支持插件。

- 用于安全密码编辑的工具的可用性。

- 将密码分为不同的组。

- 自动填充功能。

- 支持热键。

- 将数据库导出/导入其他格式(TXT,HTML,XML,CSV等)。

- 支持命令行。



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